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We are a collaboration of business, engineer, and scientific minds working together to create innovative software today for a more efficient tomorrow.

Our Work

Our Work

We at Olympia Technologies were tired of reading opinion-based reviews, having multiple tabs up, or going to social media in an attempt to find all the local bar and restaurant information. So we decided to do something about it and created Hippoh! The app will be your personal bar and restaurant adviser in the palm of your hand to help you find the local specials, events and food deals all within a few simple clicks. If you'd like to know more about hippoh, check out our website!

Our Roots

It all started at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania with friends in various majors but who all shared the same entrepreneurial vision. We have shared experiences, tribulations, and triumphs and maybe the occasional pint together! We have built Olympia Technologies and its products to reflect our passions and beliefs: user-centric products, open-minded management and the belief that when business and software come together, anything is possible.

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